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How to Clean Silver Jewelry

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You can remove silver jewelry that has been heavily tarnished by boiling water. To remove the tarnish you can use a spoon made of wood. Avoid using plastic spoons or rubber because they contain sulfur. This can cause tarnish. Once the tarnish has been removed, rinse your jewelry with cold water and dry it using a soft cotton cloth. If necessary, rinse and dry the jewelry multiple times. You should be aware that hot water can cause damage to gems and glued-on stones.

Dishwashing soap

It is important to learn how to clean your jewelry silver with dishwashing liquid. Begin by mixing a little dishwashing soap with warm water. Dip a soft cloth into this solution and gently scrub the piece of jewelry. Afterward, rinse it off with cold water. To dry the piece, you can use a soft cloth.

Another simple way to clean silver is to use baking soda. Use equal parts baking soda and warm, soapy water. Allow the paste to sit for 5-10 minutes on the jewelry. The area can be scrubbed with a toothbrush, or a soft cloth. You can rinse your jewelry well and dry it with a soft cloth.

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Aluminum foil

You may wonder how to clean jewelry that has tarnished. It is important to get rid of any stains. Baking soda can be used to clean the surface. This method is very efficient and will not cause damage to silver pieces. The next step is to rinse the jewelry piece. Your silver can be cleaned with either white vinegar or baking soda. Both substances are effective in removing tarnish. They also have no adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

A second method is to use baking soda and warm water to clean your jewellery. Fill a shallow container first with water. An aluminum dish is also an option to clean large items. You will need to combine 1 cup baking powder with 1/3 cup of salt in order to make the baking soda mixture. Let the baking soda solution sit in the container with your silver jewelry for a few minutes. You can then remove the baking soda with a microfiber cloth.


First, prepare a solution that contains baking soda and salt. This solution is supposed to dissolve the tarnish on your jewelry. Next, remove the tarnish with a pair of tongs. Wait for one to 20 minutes while the salt and baking soda react to remove the tarnish. Use warm water to rinse your jewelry and dry it with a clean cloth.

Another common household chemical to clean silver is laundry detergent. The foamy substance is created by chemical reactions with the water and used to clean away tarnish. It is also deliciously scented. This mixture can remove any dirt or tarnish on your silver jewelry by being combined with baking soda and salt.

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To clean silver jewelry easily, you can use household bleach. Make a mixture of 1 part ammonia and 2 portions warm water. Soak your jewelry in the solution for at least one minute, then remove it and dry with a soft cloth. It is not recommended to use the solution on silverware that is older than 10 years.

Ammonia can remove tarnish and loosen gemstones, but be sure to avoid cleaning diamonds with it. It will wear down diamonds and make them cloudy. Keep this method of cleaning your jewelry for a special treatment once every three to 4 months. You can also wipe your jewelry with a lintless cloth once a month.


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How to Clean Silver Jewelry