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Blitz Jewelry Cleaner

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The Blitz jewelry cleaner is an easy way to clean your jewelry. It can remove tarnish as well as dirt and makeup. Be aware of its limitations before applying it to your jewelry. It is not safe to use on all gemstones, even those that are porous.


Gem & Jewelry Cleaner 8 Oz is a gentle, non-toxic solution that will clean and polish your jewelry. It is available in two sizes, an 8 oz bottle and a one gallon bottle.

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Remove tarnish

Blitz jewelry cleaner is a concentrated liquid that can be mixed with water to clean a variety of different types of jewelry. It is non-toxic, safe to use with all kinds of jewelry cleaners. This jewelry cleaner is also safe to be used on clothes.

Removes dirt

Blitz jewelry cleaner is nontoxic and safe for gemstones, silver and stones. It cleans away dirt, fingerprints, and buildsup. The 8-ounce bottle contains the gentle, non-toxic cleaner. It cannot remove tarnish from sterling silver jewelry and is not suitable to be used on soft gemstones like pearls.

Take off makeup

Blitz jewelry cleaner is a great way to get rid of grime and dirt from your jewelry. This cleaning solution can also be helpful for stage performers because their makeup can transfer to the surface of their jewelry. This can result in a dull exterior. Carefully follow the cleaning instructions for jewelry. Art jewelry is delicate and could be damaged if not properly cleaned.

Removing dirt from difficult to reach areas

You may wonder if it is possible to use a jewelry cleaner for even the most difficult settings. There are many products that will help you achieve this. Blitz jewelry cleaner is made with a mild solution that can effectively remove dirt from even the most challenging settings. Blitz jewelry cleaner is gentle on all metals and can be used to keep your precious jewelry shining.

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Stains cannot be removed from jewelry

The Blitz jewelry cleaner is an all-purpose, non-toxic liquid that can be used for cleaning all types of jewelry. It comes in a convenient bottle and can be used with most jewelry cleaners. Some types of jewelry, such pearls and porous gems, do not respond to the cleaner.


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Blitz Jewelry Cleaner