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Jared Engagement rings

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Jared offers many customization options for its engagement rings. Jared offers a wide range of designs by some of the most famous designers around the globe. You can also create your own custom engagement ring. Jared offers everything from simple diamond settings, to unique gemstone arrangements. You can be sure that you will find something that suits your taste and your partner's style preferences.


Mociun Jared engagement rings can be a wonderful choice for someone you love. Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Mociun Jared is known for creating unique pieces with rare gemstones and diamonds. His designs are made with a variety gemstones and unique diamond shapes. He will work closely with you to create a truly memorable piece.

Mociun offers many vintage and antique rings, as well a selection of diamonds. You can also find a comprehensive guide to gemstones, cuts, and diamonds at Mociun. You can also select a ring in their "Ship Now", collection. They ship within 3-7 working days. Rianti also offers discreet packaging, and a 30-day guarantee on all pieces.

Doyle & Doyle - The Heirloom

Heirloom, Doyle & Doyle makes beautiful engagement rings. These designs were created in New York and feature both vintage and antique diamonds set in modern settings. This reflects Doyle & Doyle’s commitment to creating timeless, beautiful jewelry.

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The company offers custom-made engagement rings. You can select the type and color of metal and diamond to be used. For the perfect ring, contact the retailer or brand directly.


Kataoka is renowned for its stunning and original engagement rings. Each one is handcrafted by master jewelers. This jewelry is free from conflict and made with noble metals and precious gemstones. The ring's design is unique and can be personalized to your special needs.

Kataoka wedding rings are growing in popularity. The brand's jewelry is popular with celebrities like Emma Stone. It is located in Tokyo, Japan. The jewelry is often worn in public by celebrities as a work or art. The brand's rings include unique pairings of diamonds as well as twinkling diamonds.

Pnina Tonai

For the holiday season, the company is launching an exclusive collection of engagement rings with designer Pnina Tornai. Jared will sell the collection, which is called One by Pnina Turnai. The jewelry includes lab-grown gems with more facets then traditional diamonds. Gemological Science International has certified these diamonds.

Tornai has more than 20 years experience in designing jewelry and working alongside brides. She's also a renowned fashion and lifestyle influencer with a 1.5 million-plus social media following. Jared and she have launched a jewelry line for women and men.

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Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth offers a lifetime warranty on diamond engagement rings, and wedding bands. It also provides a guarantee for the setting. However, the warranty covers manufacturer defects and does not cover normal wear and tear. Make sure you read the warranty carefully if your investment is to be protected. If there is a manufacturing defect, you have the right to free repair or replacement.

Brilliant Earth's ethical and sustainable sourcing philosophy is a major point of pride. The jewelry company sources ethically-mined diamonds and guarantees fair wages and working conditions. It uses biodegradable and safe cleaning products to clean its jewelry. The company also established a foundation that supports local and international organizations working to improve the world. Contributions to the foundation have more than doubled since its inception. The industry organizations also have certified diamonds.


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Jared Engagement rings