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The Perpetual Favorite: Cartilage Earrings

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When it comes to body piercings, cartilage earrings are a perennial favorite. This fashion trend is so well-liked that new styles are being created by many brands. The popularity of cartilage jewelry is high, but it is crucial to choose the right size and style. The incorrect piercing can lead to infection and irritation.

Dino-mite studs

Girls Crew offers the Dino-Mite Stud Set, which is cartilage jewelry. The set includes four studs with different dinosaur shapes. They are made from 6 gauge 18k and rose gold and rhodium. They are a great addition to any style and add a splash of color or a nod to the past.

Helix piercings

After getting your helix perforated, you'll need to clean the area twice daily with a saline cleaner. This is necessary because salt will remove any discharge and increase blood circulation. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. These irritating substances can make the piercings take longer to heal.

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Tragus piercings

Tragus Piercings are affordable and can allow you to express yourself. The cost of the procedure will vary depending on the type. If you decide to get one, it's important to wash it regularly to prevent the development of infection. To prevent infection, you should not touch the area. To clean it, you can use a saline solution. It's best to use this solution two or three times per day for the first two to three weeks.

Helix chains

You should be cautious if you plan to have a piercing. So that your cartilage doesn't get damaged, you should choose a site where there is a low likelihood of infection. After the piercing, you should follow aftercare guidelines to make your piercing heal properly.

Helix studs

There are many styles of helix jewellery available, including hoop piercing jewelry and stud piercing jewelry. The most commonly used type of jewelry for helix-piercings is a hoop. It is made of flexible metal, which can be pulled out at the ends. A titanium or stainless-steel hoop is the best.

Hoop piercings

You have many choices for hoop-piercings that include cartilage jewellery. Your personal preferences will dictate the type and size of the hoop. Some prefer smaller hoop piercings while others prefer bigger ones. Measure the size of your piercing with a piece or paper. A fine-tipped marker can be used to mark the inside diameter of the piercing. Next, use a ruler or ruler to measure it. This method is much more precise than using a mirror.

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Helix chain piercings

Helix chain piercings, a type of cartilage jewellery, are an example. It is more difficult to penetrate cartilage than skin because of its density. This means that helix piercings can take longer to heal. Also, make sure to protect the jewelry from infection and scarring.


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The Perpetual Favorite: Cartilage Earrings