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How Much Does a Princess Cut Engagement ring Cost?

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Are you wondering how much a 2-carat princess cut diamond engagement ring will cost? How about a 3-carat ring or a 4-carat ring with a princess cut? A princess cut ring might be the best choice for you if you're searching for the perfect gift for your significant other.

Price of a 2-carat princess diamond cut engagement ring

The size of the diamond will play a significant role in determining the price of an engagement ring. The average weight of diamonds in engagement rings is 0.9 carats. That means that a 2-carat stone will stand out and be the center of attention. It is important to remember that a 2-carat-sized diamond is smaller than a 2.5-carat equivalent.

A two-carat Princess cut diamond costs approximately $19,420. This represents a 40% rise in the cost of a one-carat diamond. A stunning choice for an engagement band is a 2 carat diamond, especially if it is set in a solitaire. The stone's beauty is enhanced by its size, which makes the setting appear more simple.

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Cost of a 3-carat princess cut diamond engagement ring

How much should a three carat diamond engagement ring set cost? A number of factors can influence the price of a diamond ring. These include the cut and the quality of the diamond. The ring is generally cheaper if it has a lower carat. A three-carat, average-sized diamond weighs 0.6 grams and has a diameter around 9.1mm.

For a round diamond, the average price of a 3-carat engagement ring is between $13,000-$24,000 A princess cut diamond will typically cost in the lower to middle six figures. The price of a three-carat diamond depends on its cut quality and clarity as well as color. A perfect diamond with a flawless color will cost many times more than a yellow-tinted one.

Cost of a 4-carat princess diamond cut engagement ring

A 4-carat-diamond engagement ring is not cheap. Price for this type of diamond engagement rings varies depending on their size, shape, or quality. A 4 carat diamond, which is considered large in the diamond market, is an excellent choice as an engagement ring. It is also ideal for day wear and evening wear because of its size.

The average finger size of a woman is 17mm, which means that a 4 carat diamond will cover more than 60% of the finger's width. A 4 carat diamond ring with a halo or elaborate designs on the shoulders will cover 70% to 80% of the finger width. A 4-carat Diamond is also more expensive per carat than other diamonds due to its rarity.

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Cost of a 5-carat princess diamond cut engagement ring

A five-carat, princess-cut diamond of 5 carats can be purchased for $30000 to $400,000. This stone's price will depend on its quality, size, and other factors. Diamonds that are smaller or less perfect are more costly. However, there are plenty of options available to you within the price range of $60k to $100k.

A diamond of this weight is rare and highly sought-after. A five-carat diamond will not be found in your local jewelry shop. Poorly cut diamonds will compromise the diamond's brilliance. It is highly recommended that you purchase your diamond from a trusted jeweler. Abe Mor Diamonds specializes in larger diamonds, and offers personalized services. Another reputable retailer is Leibish & Co. It also offers high-end custom designs.


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How Much Does a Princess Cut Engagement ring Cost?