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Assolari 16 Gauge Earrings

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Assolari's 16-gauge earrings are made of solid gold and nickel-free. They are perfect for piercings of the helix and/or tragus. They are suitable for people with sensitive or sensitive skin, as they are non-nickel.

Size of the earring

16 gauge earrings are an excellent starting point for anyone new to ear piercings. These earrings are made from solid gold and nickel-free. They can be worn every day. They make a great choice to pierce your tragus or Helix.

It is vital to select the right size for your earring. There are two types of gauges available: 16g or 18g. While differences in size may seem minor, it is crucial to select the right one for you. A professional piercer can help you decide the right size for your ear.

Dimensions of the perforating

When purchasing earrings, it is important to consider the size of the gauge. This is the thickness of the post used for piercing. The gauge sizes that are larger are thinner and smaller are thicker. 16G is a standard gauge for most earrings.

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While it is better to measure the piercings with a measuring instrument, you can also use an exact ruler to do so.

Dimensions of the Stud

The gauge of a steel stud is the measurement used to determine its thickness. Steel studs are often painted green, which means 16 gauge (54 millimeters), while yellow means 18 gauge (43 millimeters). To find the correct thickness, use a micrometer to measure the material. Because of the difficulty in using an inside micrometer on cold-formed stainless steel, it is best to use a micrometer from outside. You can increase your confidence by taking multiple measurements.

There are many factors that influence the gauge of a metal-stud. For example, a small playhouse might have thinner studs while a large house for four requires thicker ones. To support multiple floors, a commercial building must have the strongest foundation. When building a structure, it is important to choose the right size metal stud.

The size of the cartilage stud

There are many choices for cartilage earrings. But not all stud earrings work equally well and some are best suited for certain piercings. Here are some examples. The daith piercing is located on the inner side of the cartilage, above the tragus. This is an excellent choice if your migraines are frequent.

Caratilage piercing is not a permanent fixture and can take up to a year to heal completely. Hence, it's important to choose the right size of cartilage stud earrings to avoid any problems later. Earrings for cartilage piercing should be 16-18 gauge.

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Size of the septum Stud

It is important to measure the septum size when purchasing septum jewelry. You can find different designs in different sizes. Measure the circumference of your septum to determine which size you want. It is important that the septum earrings do not touch your upper lip. A piercer can help you determine the correct size. You can also use a measuring tool to verify.

Septum rings come in a variety of sizes, including 10mm to 8mm. As inflammation can result from jewelry that is too tight you should steer clear of them. You should also consider buying a larger diameter septum jewelry if you intend to flip it up. It will be easier to flip it down.


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It's crucial to determine what kind of clothes will suit you the best. You don't want something that doesn't fit or looks terrible. Dressing according to age, gender, and body shape is a good idea. You should not wear long sleeves and skirts if you are a male. This will make you appear like a girl. Women, on the other hand, should not wear short dresses or shorts. It will make them look younger than they really are.

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Assolari 16 Gauge Earrings